World of Lucid Dreaming website

World of Lucid Dreaming is a website founded in 2008, dedicated to teaching the art of lucid dreaming. Inspired by her own experiences and the growing mainstream interest in conscious dream control, Rebecca has written hundreds of articles on lucidity skills, including how to increase dream recall and intensity, how to become lucid, controlling the dream world, and allowing lucid dreams to evolve passively.

World of Lucid Dreaming has several unique features:

- The Subliminal Lucid Dreaming Induction Videos - An experiment in subliminal messaging and lucid dreams. These free videos have been reported to increase dream intensity and provoke lucidity the same night.

- The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track - Rebecca's definitive guide to lucid dreaming for beginners, with extensive first-hand experience and background research into sleep and dream phenomena. It emphasizes the role of meditation in become a prolific lucid dreamer and includes two guided hypnosis sessions.

- Lucid Fiction: A Short Story Collection on Lucid Dreams and Alternate Realities - The world's first collection of short stories dedicated entirely to the concept of lucid dream control. Written by various authors. The work of fiction is published on Amazon Kindle.

- The Lucid Dreaming Forum - A place for beginners and pros alike to share their lucid experiences, gain feedback on the efficacy of techniques, set dream challanges, and explore their dream world together.

- Brainwave Entrainment Reviews - As a long time fan of meditation and brainwave entrainment, Rebecca discusses the power of scientifically-proven brainwave entrainment to achieve lucidity via meditative states.

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