Three simple steps will lead you to lucid dreaming on demand within 14 minutes. This method works for everybody so just follow the steps below, relax and enjoy the process. Tell yourself that you're doing better and better after every attempt.

The steps (short version):

  1. Relax your body (4 to 7 minutes)
  2. With your closed eyes look for (and then stare at) hypnagogic images. (2 to 4 minutes)
  3. Focus on the details of an image which has clarity or specific more detailed part. (1 to 3 minutes)

Detailed instructions of each step

1. Relax your body (4 to 7 minutes)

1.1. When you go to bed at night lay down on your left side with your legs slightly bend. Stay like this for a couple of minutes and check if you feel comfortable. If you need to - make the appropriate adjustments to be more comfortable.

1.2. With your eyes closed take a deep breath through your nose and inhale as much air as you possibly can but without feeling any discomfort. If you do, next time inhale a little bit less air so you feel comfortable doing it.

1.3. Hold the air for 4 to 5 seconds and then release it slowly through the mouth. While releasing it imagine that all the tension from your entire body and all muscles is draining from you through the bed and then in the earth/floor. Imagine that your body is lighter and weightlessness (like it's floating in the air). Then breath normally for some time (15-30 seconds).

1.4. Now repeat the previous two steps a few more times for a total of about 10 to 15 minutes - take a deep breath through the nose, keep it for 4-5 seconds, release it slowly through the mouth while imagining more tension released by your body into the bed below you and then into the earth. Image your body is getting even lighter. Breath normally again for about 15-30 seconds. Repeat everything again. Try to do it at least 5 to 10 times and at the end you'll realize how much you've relaxed your body.

1.5. Okay, your body is at rest. Keep breathing normally and whatever happens DO NOT MOVE ANY PART OF YOUR BODY. You may experience some involuntary body part muscle movement but that's okay and it'll not hinder your process.

2. With your closed eyes look for (and then stare at) hypnagogic images. (2 to 4 minutes)

Okay, first of all the hypnagogic stage always happens to everybody. It's a natural body process which directs the mind into a sleep state. However we do not remember it because it's happening automatically and our body is usually thinking about other things while getting into the sleep state. So do not worry that you may not see any images. Everybody does and it's every night. You'll now learn to remember seeing them and to focus on them.

2.1. Now with your eyes closed keep looking directly in front of you. Keep your eyes relaxed - you do not need to focus on your eye lids. Just keep looking in front of you and at some point you'll start seeing some lights in the distance. It can be shaped like stars, like bubbles or anything really.

2.2. When you start seeing the images - regardless if it's flashes of light, bubbles, energy balls, lightnings or whatever - just keep observing and looking directly ahead of you. At the beginning the images may be faint and hard to see but eventually they'll get brighter and clearer. Keep looking directly ahead and DO NOT LOOK ASIDE in any direction as this may trigger your body to realize you're not asleep and the images will disappear. If that happens - do not worry. Just keep watching and the light show will start again at some point.

3. Focus on the details of an image which has clarity or specific more detailed part. (1 to 3 minutes)

Alright. So you relaxed your body and you started seeing hypnagogic images. That was the hard part. The next step is the easiest of all and it takes you to lucid dreaming within 5 to 20 seconds after initiating it.

3.1. While watching the images you'll notice that they're getting more and more brighter and clearer. At some point you'll notice an image that has more detail on it. Focus on the part of the image that has the most detail and keep focusing on it. If the image changes in the meantime that's okay. The next one will also have more details so focus there.

3.2. In about 5 to 20 seconds of focusing your mind/brain will zap you into a fully aware lucid dream. Once there you'll realize without a doubt that you're into a lucid dream. Beginners are very likely to feel overexcited and the mind will zap them back into their body so they'll have to start over again. That's normal and it can be avoided by trying to be calm. Even if it takes a few tries you'll get there so don't worry about it and don't get frustrated. The best thing once inside a lucid dream is to start thinking right away what you want to do - go to a specific place, see specific people, do stuff - flying like superman, robbing a train, have sex with whoever you want, anything like Neo in the matrix. Whatever you say you want it'll happen.

3.3. If for some reason the dream is a little blurry, or not bright enough, just say out loud "CLARITY NOW!". You can also say "AWARENESS NOW!". You'll instantly notice how things are improving! You can say it several times if needed.

That's it! Enjoy and do whatever you want! If you're curious about what else you can do, just spend a couple more minutes reading below.


This method is freely provided by the author of 'The WILD Way To Lucid Dreaming. Lucid Dreaming On Demand' in his 9 free YouTube videos located here: LINK.

You only need to watch videos 2, 3 and 4 (for a total of 25 minutes) if you just want to listen to the instructions above. However the author of the method is giving very interesting information in the rest of the videos so I suggest watching them all.

I'm not the author and I do not need to credit myself for the wonderful work of others so enjoy and happy travels!


P.S. If you're interested in astral projection and our of body experiences (OBE) I'll share a few tips below.

While lucid dreaming you can intentionally interrupt the dream and leave your body. In comparison the lucid dream is virtual reality created by your brain and you have full control of everything in it. OBE on the other hand is a state outside your body (the place is called astral plane) and you don't have the same capabilities as in lucid dreaming. However in the astral plane you can contact your spiritual guide and ask for advise and help regarding your current life. You can contact passed relatives directly without using mediums. You can remove travel to any place on earth, the solar system and the entire universe. You can access the akashic records and have access to all knowledge and history - past, current and future. The possibilities of OBE are unlimited and it takes practice to get access to all those levels and more. How to get in the astral plane? Keep reading.

1. Once you're easily going into lucid dreaming on demand using the method above, you can use the lucid dreaming state to hop on the astral plane (basically to have an out of body experience). Before you do let me be clear - while you're out of your body nothing can hurt you. Your astral body is completely safe and your physical body as well. Even if you encounter scary entities in the astral plane they can only scare you but they can't hurt you. Also your astral body is always connected to your physical body so nothing can invade your body. Lastly you can always go back to your body just by thinking about it or by saying "I want to go back to my body". Even if you don't do either you'll eventually get back to your body as you can't stay indefinitely out. At first you'll be out for a few minutes, eventually you'll be able to be out for hours. The time in the astral place runs differently than our normal time so 5 minutes here can be 1 hour in the astral plane.

2. Okay, you want to go to the astral plane? There are many methods of doing it while lucid dreaming so just try them and see which one works best for you. Then just keep doing that one. 2.1. Say out loud "I want to go to the astral plane now!" 2.2. Say "Door behind me now!". Then turn back, see the door and say "When I go though the door I'll be in the astral plane!". Then just go ahead. 2.3. Say "I want to stop the dream and be transferred to the astral plane now!". This last method may sometimes leave you floating above your body. If that happens just say where do you want to go like "I want to go to the moon!" and you'll teleport. Or you can fly around your apartment/house, fly outside, etc.

3. As stated above you can do many things in the astral plane so it's good to have clear intention where do you want to go and what you want to do. If you want to visit a passed relative you can include that in your saying "I want to go to the astral plane now and meet with ..."

Make sure you have the clear intention to go to the astral plane. If you just say "I want to meet with ..." that person will come but you'll still be in the lucid dream and that person will simply be an avatar of the real person. It'll be created and driven by your memories so it'll look and behave exactly as you expect, but it won't be real. That's why you want to clearly state that you want to go to the astral plane and THEN meet with .... Then you'll have an actual encounter, the person may look the same or a little different (if they chose to look different), or they may even not show up if they don't want to see you. In most cases they'll show and they'll know things that you don't so if they ask you to do something in the real world like go to X and tell them Y, you and Y may be surprised that you know that information. :-)

I would suggest to use the astral plane to find out from your personal spiritual guide how to solve your current problems - health, work, life, etc. You may find out more about your goals in this life, information about past lives, etc.

Okay. One last thing! After your first out of body experience in the astral plane you'll realize that you're no longer having fear of death. This is a profound realization that can't be described and can only be experienced. You'll feel connected, part of the whole... It's something that I can't describe with words - you'll see! :-)

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