Wake Back to Bed is one of the most effective ways to become Lucid.


To begin with, the dreamer generally sets an alarm, timed to go off at the end of a REM cycle. The last REM cycle is typically used, as it is the longest. This means setting an alarm to go off around 5-6 hours after going to sleep. It's also possible to drink some water before going to bed or use auto-suggestion to wake you up at the end of a REM cycle.

When the alarm does go off, the dreamer should generally stay awake for half an hour to an hour. During this time, the dreamer can occupy themselves with dream related tasks- reading tips, writing in their dream journal, etc. This technique works well with the MILD technique, as the dreamer can reality check frequently during this time.

After a given period of time, the user returns to bed, and often experiences a lucid dream. This technique can be used in conjunction with other techniques, to improve their chances of success.

The time spent awake is usually viewed as unnecessary if the technique is combined with WILD, as the user needs to return to sleep quickly and stay relaxed.


The main disadvantage is the loss of sleep to the user. If the alarm is timed incorrectly, it can interrupt REM cycles and therefore also dreams.

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The best way to wake back to bed is as soon as you wake up. Close your eyes and don't move.