A visually incubated lucid dream (or VILD) is a technique for lucid dreaming, created by Pedro from the LD4all forum.

It involves incubating a dream in which you do a reality check and realise you are dreaming (and become lucid). VILD has so far achieved a moderate success rate, although it is noted it works excellently for some and horribly for others. Pedro himself claims to be able to induce lucid dreams at will through this technique. Timing is also of great importance and attributes greatly to the success rate; if you try to incubate the dream while you are too awake you will never fall asleep. The dreamer is to visualise the dream they have prepared over and over until they fall asleep. In the dream the dreamer will do some reality checks, so when they really do dream of doing reality checks they will realise they are dreaming.

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