About PvZGwchampion

A Bureaucrat of 4 Wikis and wants to be on staff of two more
Joined on April 9, 2019

Hello, I am PvZGwchampion AKA The Animator.
I am a CEO of a cat design company (, 3D Animator, Unreal Engine Guy, and more. I am Bureaucrat on 3 Wikis and like to create a lot of templates. I am very friendly and you can always talk to me! I generally deal with code and cool features involving CSS and JavaScript, along with other designs and problems people have. If you want me for staff, just talk to me, I'd be happy to help!

So if you want to talk to me or ask me something, go for it!

Wikis I'm Staff On

Wiki Role Status
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Wiki Former Bureaucrat Retired
Video Game Adventures Wiki Former Bureaucrat Retired
Teardown Wiki Bureaucrat Inactive
The Epic Chat Wiki Former Admin Retired
Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Wiki Former Bureaucrat Retired
Among Us Wiki Former Content Moderator Retired
Among Us Logic Wiki Former Admin Retired
TABS Stalingrad Mod Wiki Former Bureaucrat Retired

Wikis I Want To Be Staff On

Wiki Why
Plants vs Zombies Wiki It is very advanced with lots of code

and templates I can learn from.

YouTube Wiki I see it, and loving YouTube

I want to help out the community

Fortnite Wiki I like how big it is and can see how

much improvement it can use and I'd like to be part of it.