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Hello there
=About Me=
I am the founder of [[Main_Page|LucidWiki]] and with the help of others hope to get this project off the drawing board and into reality.
I am studying Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence. I live in Southern England.
=Me and Lucid Dreaming=
I started lucid dreaming in the Spring of 2004 soon after I happened upon [ LD4all] and later [ Dream Views], which I am still a member of. The step to complete beginner to frequent lucid dreamer was a swift one, and, although not spectacularly great, gave me a lot of enjoyment, esspecially as dream control came naturally.
I had to end dreaming lucidly though after developing major nocturnal epilepsy, and, perhaps more truthfully, losing enthusiasm in the subject. I have had around 20-30 lucid dreams overall.
Having not had period of frequent lucid dreams for more than a year now, I doubt I will ever get "back in" to it, however, it is a fascinating subject and I do enjoy writing about it and "spreading the word"
=Sites I Recommend=
Like the two superb sites linked above, the sites below are excellent, however, unlike the two already linked, are mostly (if not completely) irrelevent to LDing:
* [ Wikipedia]; you should have heard of it - the king of all Wikis.
* [ Uncyclopedia Wiki] a parody of the above site. Hilarious, huge, and just so damn enjoyable.
* [ B3ta]. Inventive, on-the-edge and sometimes refreshingly British (i.e. ironic!) humour, all thanks to Photoshop.
* [ Wikicities]: Meet our illustrious hosts and see what else the community has to offer.

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Hello there