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LD4all is a popular website dedicated to lucid dreaming. LD4all has been in existence since 1996. From then it has grown from a tiny dreamspot to a large lucid dreaming community with members from all over the world. The site design was inspired by a dream, and was developed for the creator pasQuale's art school graduation project. The website offers a forum that can be found in English, Dutch, French, and possibly other languages. Membership is granted to anyone who is interested in learning more about lucid dreaming. Its focus is mainly on lucid dreaming, but it also allows for discussion about a variety of other topics.

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8 July 2007 - 18 April 2008

Dream Views (or DV to its familiars) is one of the main internet communities about lucid dreaming. It contains a comprehensive introduction to lucid dreaming and an active forum, which also includes tutorials on various topics, and users' dream journals. The main aim behind this website is to offer a broad content concerning lucid dreaming, without relying on "new-ageish" subjects such as astral projection. Its forum is a meeting point to a wide community, providing extensive support to lucid dreaming.