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Opened 19 April, 2003
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Sea Life is a community-driven dream website. At Sea Life you can start a free dream journal or join a Dream Team - one of our small, private online dream groups.

Dream Teams are one of Sea Life's main attractions.

Common reasons for joining a Dream Team include wanting to:

  • remember more of your dreams
  • discover connections between dreams and waking life
  • have more lucid dreams
  • make new friends from around the world
  • try out dream projects with other dreamers

A Dream Team can have up to twenty members, and each Dream Team is given it's own forum for private discussion and the sharing of dreams. New members can apply to join a team by visiting the Dream Teams page, clicking on the team they'd like to join, and filling out a short registration form.

Advantages of keeping a dream journal at Sea Life

It's easy to keep a dream journal at Sea Life. You'll be able to record the dates of your dreams, mark key symbols, and decide who you share your dreams with (yourself, friends from your Dream Team or publicly).

You can look back over your previous dreams by navigating to your personal Dream Journal page.

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