Arbitrary objects can be summoned by several different methods, depending of the size and nature of the object.

  • Any object can be summoned just by focusing on the intent of its existence; however, alternative methods such as those stated below can be used to fluidly create an object without disruption of the flow of the dream, and are often easier to pull off.
  • Smaller objects can simply be pulled out of one's pockets by expecting them to be there.
  • Larger objects can be summoned by walking around the corner or into another room, and expect them to lie there.
  • Closing one's eyes in a dream and imaging what it is they want to see when they open them is a good way to obtain an object. This method works across a variety of sizes, be they big or small. As long as the idea is set in the dreamers mind, the object should appear as soon as they open their eyes and should be easily attainable.

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