The lucid task of the month is a feature on Dream Views forum. It challenges lucid dreamers to perform a task in their dreams each month. It basically concerns dream control. Every month, there are two tasks: the basic and the advanced one.

People who achieve any of these tasks in the month have a few advantages, such as having their names displaying in orange at the forum, having the task badge shown below their names, and finally access to an exclusive board, in which only members who have completed the task may post.

List of lucid tasks[]

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Date Badges Lucid tasks
November 2004 none Catch a duck.

December 2004 none Get picked up hitch-hiking.

January 2005 Badge2005 01.gif Stack three rocks on top of each other.

February 2005 Badge2005 02.gif Stand on your head.

March 2005 Badge2005 03.gif Have a conversation with a dolphin (yes flipper!).

April 2005 Badge2005 04.gif Parachute from an airplane (yes with a parachute!).

May 2005 Badge2005 05.gif Bob for apples.

June 2005 Badge2005 06.gif Ask a dream character; "Who Am I?"

July 2005 Badge2005 07.gif Ask a dream character; "Where Am I?"

August 2005 Badge2005 08.gif Loudly shout your name.

September 2005 Badge2005 09.gif Break a mirror and look at the reflection in the pieces.
Badge2005 09a.gif Advanced: Fly to orbit and ride on a satellite

October 2005 Badge2005 10.gif Go trick-or-treating.
Badge2005 10a.gif Advanced: Fly Nina style.

November 2005 Badge2005 11.gif Lay an egg.
Badge2005 11a.gif Advanced: Fly to the center of the sun and bring back a piece.

December 2005 Badge2005 12.gif Go dumpster diving! - Report back what you found.
Badge2005 12a.gif Advanced: Help Santa deliver presents.

January 2006 Badge2006 01.gif Go to the animal shelter and adopt a pet.
Badge2006 01a.gif Advanced: Be a pet at the animal shelter and get adopted.

February 2006 Badge2006 02.gif Grow/Materialise two extra arms, use all your arms for something interesting.
Badge2006 02a.gif Advanced: Stand infront of a mirror and look carefully at your reflection. Try and reach through the mirror and take your reflection by the hand, if possible describe the sensations and feelings encountered.

March 2006 Badge2006 03.gif Plant a seed and will it to grow into a flower before your eyes.
Badge2006 03a.gif Advanced: Call down lightning from the sky and let it hit you.

April 2006 Badge2006 04.gif Swallow a goldfish (not the little crackers!).
Badge2006 04a.gif Advanced: Return to some previous event in your life that has meaning for you. Try to observe all you can, change something if you feel you must.

May 2006 Badge2006 05.gif Find a bucket with a hole in it, patch it up then fill it up with something that would've fallen out.
Badge2006 05a.gif Advanced: Demolish a building with your bare hands.

June 2006 Badge2006 06.gif Catch a butterfly.
Badge2006 06a.gif Advanced: Turn into a caterpillar and make your cocoon.

July 2006 Badge2006 07.gif Walk out into the middle of the street and stop traffic. Do so any way you like.
Badge2006 07a.gif Advanced: Walk into a cemetery and raise someone from the dead. Feel free to raise as many as you can.

August 2006 Badge2006 08.gif Jump from a cliff. Any cliff will do.
Badge2006 08a.gif Advanced: Perform open heart surgery on someone. Extra points if it is a Dream Views staff member.

September 2006 Badge2006 09.gif Make and eat a vegemite sandwich.
Badge2006 09a.gif Advanced: Visit the Lucid Crossroads.

October 2006 Badge2006 10.gif In your lucid dream, paint a picture of the current landscape.
Badge2006 10a.gif Advanced: Become a giant and suck in some clouds.

November 2006 Badge2006 11.gif Ask a dream character - "Am I Dreaming?"
Badge2006 11a.gif Advanced: Witness the end of the world, come back and tell us how it all ends.

December 2006 Badge2006 12.gif Give a present to a Dream Character
Badge2006 12a.gif Advanced: Find a Dream Character and read his/her mind. Be sure to report back what you read.

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