Lucid Induced Lucid dream is a dream that the dreamer knows he is dreaming when the dream gives him very obivous dream signs. It's a type of Dream Initiated Lucid Dream but without reality checks. This technique can be very reliable for some people as they can have lucid dreams frequently (depending on the person).


To begin, you first need to experience a lucid dream. Use your favourite induction technique.

When in a lucid dream, ask a dream character to help you to become easily lucid in the future. Next time (if the dream character is there) he should say to you that you are dreaming.

Most of the people don't expect the same dream character to be always there. Instead of asking a dream character, ask the dream to help you to become lucid in the future.

This technique depends on your expectations. If you expect that you'll have lucid dreams every night using this technique, then you will.