Unverified claim is a specific material in this wiki which does not fit the policy regarding scientifical accuracy. The aim of this wiki is to provide trustworthy information whenever possible. For that reason, all pages or sections which do not match this criteria should be marked accordingly. It is up to the reader to acknowledge information provided in marked articles.

How to mark an article[]

To mark an article or section as innacurate, use the corresponding template, by adding {{unverified}} to it. Pages marked with that template are automatically added to Category:Articles with unverified content.

The page will be marked with the following template:

Notice: This article or section contains unverified claims. It might not be scientifically accurate. Read at own risk.

What makes a topic accurate?[]

For an article or section to be considered accurate and match this wiki's policy, it must have a scientifical background or published material regarding it. As soon as a topic meets this criteria, the article can be unmarked accordingly.