This article explains the concept of a stub, how to designate articles as a stub and how to create new stub categories.

What is a stub? Edit

A stub is a small article, normally no more than one or two lines. It only introduces a topic, e.g.

Hypnagogia are experiences a person may experience when falling asleep. The person experiences visual, auditory or tactile hallucinations.

The article, obviously, requires more work to make it complete. You can designate it as a stub to show to other users that work is needed.

Stub category Edit

For easy retrieval, all stubs are added to the Stubs category. This is to make those pages easier to locate and expand.

How can I make my article a stub? Edit

That's easy. Just insert at the bottom of the article one of the lines shown to the right in the Available Stub Categories section below.

Available Stub Categories Edit

Category Code to insert Link to template
Generic stub {{stub}} Template:Stub
Lucid dreaming {{Lucid dreaming-stub}} Template:Lucid dreaming-stub
Induction {{Induction-stub}} Template:Induction-stub

How do I make a new stub category? Edit

Create a new article named Template:X-stub where X is the subject name.

When first editing it, follow this format:

''This article on [[X|Y]] is a [[LucidWiki:Stubs|stub]]. You can help [[Main Page|LucidWiki]] by [{{SERVER}}{{localurl:{{NAMESPACE}}:{{PAGENAME}}|action=edit}} expanding it]''

Where X is the main article on the subject and Y is the subject name.

Please then mention it in the Available Stub Categories section above.