This article explains the concept of a stub, how to designate articles as a stub and how to create new stub categories.

What is a stub?[]

A stub is a small article, normally no more than one or two lines. It only introduces a topic, e.g.

Hypnagogia are experiences a person may experience when falling asleep. The person experiences visual, auditory or tactile hallucinations.

The article, obviously, requires more work to make it complete. You can designate it as a stub to show to other users that work is needed.

Stub category[]

For easy retrieval, all stubs are added to the Stubs category. This is to make those pages easier to locate and expand.

How can I make my article a stub?[]

That's easy. Just insert at the bottom of the article one of the lines shown to the right in the Available Stub Categories section below.

Available Stub Categories[]

Category Code to insert Link to template
Generic stub {{stub}} Template:Stub
Lucid dreaming {{Lucid dreaming-stub}} Template:Lucid dreaming-stub
Induction {{Induction-stub}} Template:Induction-stub

How do I make a new stub category?[]

Create a new article named Template:X-stub where X is the subject name.

When first editing it, follow this format:

''This article on [[X|Y]] is a [[LucidWiki:Stubs|stub]]. You can help [[Main Page|LucidWiki]] by [{{SERVER}}{{localurl:{{NAMESPACE}}:{{PAGENAME}}|action=edit}} expanding it]''

Where X is the main article on the subject and Y is the subject name.

Please then mention it in the Available Stub Categories section above.