This article contains the current policies applicable in LucidWiki. Please make sure every article you create or edit complies with these rules.

  1. Do not infringe copyrights. Do not copy entire pieces of text or other media from other websites. Use original content as far as possible. When impossible to do otherwise, please cite the respective source, and make sure you have the author's permission.
  2. This wiki is about lucid dreaming. Topics not connected, directly or indirectly, to lucid dreaming do not belong here. Use your own judgment or ask a sysop about potential content to be added. Off-topic content may be removed at any time, if judged irrelevant to this wiki's purpose.
  3. Accuracy. It is always good to only add content that has been scientifically proved to this wiki. If any article, section or other media has unverified claims, please mark it accordingly.
  4. No vandalism. Vandalism, roughly speaking, is any edit that harms the integrity and clear functionality of this wiki. Deleting content without purpose, adding senseless content, creating senseless articles, or otherwise unwanted edits will be undone, and the editor will be banned from editing accordingly. Furthermore, advertising can also fall under this category.
  5. No personal articles. Do only add articles worth reading. Personal articles should be created only in the respective User: page. The exception to this rule is if the person is somehow known in the aspect of lucid dreaming (such as scientists, authors, website owners, among others). Unnecessary articles or redirects that pollute the wiki space (such as username redirecting to User:username) will be deleted. Continuous (re)creation of such articles can lead to the author being banned.

This policies may be changed any time. If you have any questions, queries or other concerns, talk to a sysop.