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Lucid Dreaming

A lucid dream is a dream in which the dreamer is aware that he is dreaming. The dream usually becomes more vivid and memorable. Through controlling the dream, the dreamer can do anything possible, and most things impossible. Lucid dreamers use these to inspire, introspect and entertain. The good news is that anyone can do it.

A good deal of information has been amassed on the subject over the years, and this site serves to summarise some of it for your browsing pleasure.

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LD4all is a popular website dedicated to lucid dreaming. LD4all has been in existence since 1996. From then it has grown from a tiny dreamspot to a large lucid dreaming community with members from all over the world. The site design was inspired by a dream, and was developed for the creator pasQuale's art school graduation project. The website offers a forum that can be found in English, Dutch, French, and possibly other languages. Membership is granted to anyone who is interested in learning more about lucid dreaming. Its focus is mainly on lucid dreaming, but it also allows for discussion about a variety of other topics.

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