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Recommended reading[]

Please read the following articles before editing. That way, you avoid making unwanted edits to this wiki.

Current tasks[]

Alternatively, you can create a new article on any relevant topic you find apropriate.

Also, LucidWiki:Requested articles is around.

Useful templates[]

This section aims to provide a list of the most used templates in this wiki.

External help[]

  • Dream Views is both a nice website and forum about lucid dreaming.
  • LD4all is again a website and forum about lucid dreams.
  • The Lucid Crossroads is a website that provides lots of beginner-friendly information.
  • Lucidipedia is a lucid dreaming website that is build by a group of university students in the Netherlands. The site features a Library with many lessons about lucid dreaming, apart from a forum.
  • Mortal Mist is a young community forum focused on lucid dreaming.

When taking content from websites, please notice that LucidWiki is aimed primarily at Lucid Dreaming, and contains concepts fundamental to it, such as dreaming itself, induction techniques and other connected concepts. However, content not strictly related to lucid dreaming may be unwanted in this wiki. If you are unsure about what to add to this wiki, consult a sysop or discuss it here or here. Content that doesn't belong to this wiki may be deleted without prior warnings.

Finally, avoid copying content from other websites. Instead, read it and write your own.