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LD4all is a popular website dedicated to lucid dreaming. LD4all has been in existence since 1996. From then it has grown from a tiny dreamspot to a large lucid dreaming community with members from all over the world.

The content as well as the graphic and web design is done by pasQuale.

The site was developed for pasQuale's art school graduation project, first known as "Through the Mirror - Beyond Dreaming".

The site design was inspired by a dream and launched in May 1996.

The first version didn't have very much text on it, but it did have the basic info on how to LD, and more importantly: what you can do while lucid.

In May 1999 in the second incarnation went online with more content, later the OGLD (the Online Guide to Lucid Dreaming by Phil Marley) was merged into it. The OGLD itself was derived from posts on alt.dreams.lucid.

LD4all in its current form has existed since September 2004. The third version is basically a rewrite and redesign of anything that was already there, with new additions in texts, as well as in images.

The guide is currently available with official translations to English, Dutch, French, and Greek.

The corpus is light-hearted and colourful with many short pages and short paragraphs.

LD4all forum[]


Main article: LD4all forum

This forum can be found in English, Dutch, and French; although, the French forum is currently in a read only state. Membership is granted to anyone who is interested in learning more about lucid dreaming, although there is no application process. LD4ALL seems to hold at its core an everyone is welcome ethos. This is demonstrated in the fact that much of the site has been specifically designed to be friendly towards users with slower connections. It has also been extensively tested and optimised for the many different internet browsers.

Discussion is not restricted purely to lucid dreaming, nor is the IRC channel; this is exemplified in the Wolfgame and Vampiregame, held in their own sub-forum, and in many topics in the Playground, Lucid Lounge, and The Gathering sub-forums.

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