The term induction aid usually refers to a device used, usually in conjunction with one or more induction techiques and reality checks, to enhance lucid dreams or to increase their incidence and aid detection. These come in many forms; the more common of which are:

  • Masks worn whilst sleeping with LEDs (lights) inside, which flash when the mask detects REM sleep, the stage in which most vivid dreams occur. The flash is incorporated in the dream, and on detection of this the user is reminded to perform a reality check. The DreamMaker and NovaDreamer are such devices.
  • Audio CDs, cassettes, or more lately MP3s that the user can listen to whilst falling asleep. These usually contain a spoken or audio cue of some kind, or mnemonics such as "You will have a lucid dream...", or something to the same end.
  • A computer program, such as Reality Check, that reminds the user to perform a reality check, in the hope that this will enforce a habit.
  • Software that produces binaural beats, which, as suggested by some, may enduce a lucid state.
  • LucidWeaver is a free lucid dreaming induction software for mobile phones for improving dream recall, lucidity training and reality checks.
  • Liquid Dream is a free dream journal for windows and offers subliminal messages, reality checks, meditations and plays sounds in the middle of the night.

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