A dream journal is a record of the author's dreams. It may take various forms - probably the most common is a written journal, written in special books or in diaries, or just in normal notebooks. It may also be recorded electronically, using text editors (e.g. Notepad), word processors, or on web forums such as that of Dream Views.

Most lucid dreamers keep dream journals, and beginners are strongly encouraged to do so.

Special software for dream journaling[]

Name Distinct features Price
Lightened Dream
  • Dream journal (basic text editor)
  • Tag support (six predetermined categories)
  • Rem cycles (play sound files at strategic times during the night)
  • Reality check reminder with text to speech support
  • Subliminal messages
  • Dream sign builder
  • Readings
  • Exercises

free and open source

  • Dream journal (basic text editor, text based search)
  • Tag support (allows to define own categories)
  • Symbol dictionary
  • Analyse tags, Analyse by Hall scales (compare yourself to other dreamers)
  • Exercises

39.50 US $

free to try


Sea Life

  • Dream journal (advanced text editor; advanced dream filtering)
  • Tag support (six predetermined categories) + skills
  • Analyse number of dreams, dream signs, reality checks
  • Interpret dreams using the Gestalt method
  • Reality checks feature
  • Jotter pad (for quick notes)
  • Multiple user support
  • Modern user interface
  • Online dream journal website
  • Tag support for marking key symbols
  • Dream journal view and search by text
  • Check number of dreams for each symbol
  • Decide who you want to share your dreams with (privately, only with members of your Dream Team, or publicly)
  • Accessible from any location
  • Smartphone app currently in development
~30 US $


Role in dream recall[]

Dream journals are perhaps the most important tool for dream recall. Writing down all known details of a dream helps the author to recall the dream when reading about it later, and can prompt the author to remember more details as he or she writes.

Keeping a dream journal requires at least some degree of dream recall, but in doing so can be used to increase the level of recall. Perhaps the most important aspect of recording a dream is to record details as soon as you awake from it. This way, the details are kept fresh in the mind, and leads to the most vivid recall. Recall is almost always affected by going back to sleep or writing a dream down later in the day; it is best to record a dream as soon as possible, however small the hours. A common approach is to write down rough notes first, and then these can elaborate themselves later.


The format of a dream journal can vary greatly from person to person, from scrawled notes to the highly organised records created by some dream journal software. Generally though, journals can contain some of the following information for each dream:

  • date
  • time of awakening
  • general description of the dream
  • whether or not the dream was lucid
  • notes on the induction technique used, whether successful or otherwise
  • notes on relevant details of day or night before, e.g. if they had inspired some detail in the dream
  • emotions felt during the dream
  • How you react with the dream, either scared, or, feeling cherished or like everyday as nothing happen

My Diary: IndahNya Tempat Mimpiku..[]

Indahnya alam semesta.... dimana Tuhan telah menciptakan segala sesuatu yang sangat istimewa...

Burung bertertang.. melihat setiap alam semesta.. 

Bintang bersinar.. demi keIndahannya langit-langit..

Bunga-bunga menumbuh.. demi keIndannya rumput-rumput..

Bidadari-Bidadari syurga yang telah disinarkan hatinya dengan kebaikan..

Dunia yang telah diisi oleh manusia.. menciptakan indahnya tempat-tempat..

Namun, ku-ingin mimpiku tercapai oleh tempat yang ku-ingin menempatinya..

Yaitu tempat yang telah di-isi oleh suasana yang indah..

Seperti bunga (tulip) yang cantik.. telah menyebarkan wangi indahnya..

Tak ku-sangka.. jika ku telah menjejakkan kaki-ku di tempat yang ku ingin menjumpainya..

Maka se-andainya mimpiku tercapai oleh kupu-kupu yang menari..

Dan disitulah bunga-bunga itu telah mewarnai hari-hariku....

MADE BY: salma

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