The Dream Views forum is open for reading, but guests can only post on the meta forum a section dedicated to feedback and resolution of problems concerning the website. Still, anybody can register in order to post, acknowledging the forum's rules and providing their email. A great place for newcomers to start posting is the Newbie Zone, where experienced members will be glad to answers questions concerning lucid dreaming. Apart from the subforums dedicated to lucid dreaming, there are the sections about general dreams, sleep, and beyond dreaming a place for discussion over topics not exactly proven by science. Dream precognition, out-of-body-experiences, and other paranormal things belong there. The dream journal sections allows a member to create and edit his own journal, something really helpful when it comes to lucid dreaming. Lastly, the off-topic boards let members discuss about anything not exactly related to lucid dreaming.


The staff is composed by a hierarchy of three levels. The administratos (5 stars) take care of the whole site, it's structure, content, and all the things that go "behind the curtains" and that keep the site working. The moderators (4 stars) make sure members abide to the rules and that threads belong in their rightful boards, among other things. The Dream Guides (3 stars) cover the aspects of lucid dreaming, moderate and answer questions on the boards dedicated to the topic.

Online chat

The forum has a real-time chat feature, in which members can gather together to talk, without the delay of a threaded discussion. Powered by the website's IRC server , there are people online almost all the time.