Dream Initiated Lucid Dreaming(DILD) is a common technique used to trigger a lucid dream and is known to be quite successful. DILD occurs when a person is already dreaming and uses one of three techniques to initiate a lucid dream. One of the three techniques is object recognition. This technique is when someone finds an object in the dream that subconsciously tells them they are dreaming thus initiating a lucid dream. A common object people use are their hands. Finding your hands in a dream and focusing on them, then being able to move them at will triggers a lucid dream. The second technique is called TCR which stands for Text Change Recognition. Text in a dream, whether on a billboard, sign, book, phone, etc. usually changes everytime looked at. Recognizing this effect would tell you subconsiously that you are dreaming. For example, you may wear a watch in reality and while in a dream you quickly glance at your watch to see what time it is just like you do routinely throughout a normal day, but if you look at it again the time will not be the same. The third technique known is simple. It does not have a term but can be described as finding things in the dream that are abstract and would not occur in real life. Let's say you have a dream about a unicorn. Subconsciously this would tell you are dreaming, because unicorns are not real.

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