Calea Zacatechichi is an herb that is thought by many to enhance the vividness, clarity, and recall of dreams, and thus increasing the likelihood of a lucid dream. The effects of the herb are not well documented, and so far very little information has been found on the exact psychoactive compounds in Calea Z. In the article "Ethnopharmacology and Taxonomy of Mexican Psychodysleptic Plants", by Jose Luis Diaz, MD, published in the Jan-Jun 1979 issue of Journal of Psychedelic Drugs, identified "A germacranolid called caleicine, the p-hydroxycinnamide ester of junenol, was isolated from a sample of C. zacatechichi taken fromthe state of Veracruz," though it is not known if these are actually psychoactive. The herb is usually smoked, made in to tea, or made into a tincture with alcohol. It's reported effects include; relaxation, auditory hallucinations, lucid dreaming, increased dream recall, more vivid dreams, deeper sleep, and increased heartbeat. This herb was also reportedly used by the Chantal indians of Mexico as a hallucinogen. It goes under the names; Calea, Calea Z., Dream Herb, Leaf of God, Thle-pelakano, and Bitter Grass.